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Professional solutions for transportation

At Kombi Direct we always find the best solution that matches your needs. We are focusing on offering the best service and we are available 24/7. If you need help for express delivery, man power, distribution, warehousing and logistics you are more than welcome to contact us.

Trust and satisfying customers are essential to us and that has given us a broad network throughout the country.


We offer complete solutions from A-Z. Our fleet of vehicles includes trailers, wagons and alu-boxes with room for 8 pallets. We offer day-to-day shipping.


We manage our own storage and warehouse which works as a HUB for our distributioncars. Furthermore we empty containers and trailers.


We can handle the priority order or any other given special delivery assignment. Our drivers are highly educated and can deal with all types of transportation jobs.


If you need manpower og storage workers we can help you. Our workers are available across the whole country and are offering af very high level of service

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We want to be the most attractive transportation company in Denmark. What we do is to ensure fast og secure delivery. 
Transport and logistics are an important element to us all and that makes every day easier. No need to send and pick up your package on your own. We do it for you!. The only thing you have to do is to book is and we will do the rest. Contact us today for a special offer!

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